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Browser Games to Play with Friends

To many people, big 3d games by top developers like EA or Ubisoft, is more of a burden than entertainment. Despite benefiting from top graphics and gameplay engines, these games are so complex, diverse and vast in content many people, especially the elder ones and those who are looking for just a few minutes of pure fun, cannot communicate with.

This is where simple games come into action. These include remakes of nostalgic 2d hits of old times, board games, and new simple 2d games which are based upon the notion of old nostalgic games or have a completely new design and gameplay while they still keep that notion of simplicity. Because of their simplicity, these games could run on any platform, being it a mobile application or a web browser or even a simple flash files runner.

Although browser games were not that popular as mobile-platform games until just recently, with the new web-based technologies empowering web browsers, now, they have also come into spotlight. And from among browser games, those that could be played by two or more players have been received by users more dearly – it’s obvious that when you play against another player or group of players, you’re challenged more and enjoy more than the time you play against an algorithm-based dumb AI, isn’t it?

So, people often look for multiplayer browser games to play with friends, or better said, two-player free browser games. These games could be in any genre from arcade to mmorpg, and you can play them against or with your friends. So, what are the best browser games to play with friends?

Here is a list of top browser games with friends you can play.

One of the best browser games to play with friends, is actually the same classic Snake game which has gone online. The rules are the same: Eat the dots, eat the remaining parts of dead snakes, force other snakes to hit their heads against your body, avoid this on yourself, and become the biggest snake on the board! It’s an unlimited and fun game that continues until your snake dies.

This game is actually pure fun and is the best choice for those who like to entertain themselves just for a few minutes; Are you waiting for the bus? Commuting? Or just in the waiting room waiting to be visited by your dentist? This game is for you. has been launched both on mobile and for browsers. It is not actually a game in which you have to wait for your friends to join, though you can invite them to do so. There are always online players playing and you can join them at any time.

Pokemon Showdwon

Pokemons are quite famous, aren’t they? Maybe as famous as celebrities?! We don’t know, but what is clear is that they were and are a hit on mobile platforms. And now, a Pokemon browser game to play with friends: Pokemon Showdown. Let us be straightforward: Pokemon Showdown is actually an online Pokemon battle simulator in the RPG games fashion and with Pokemon characters. You can make a team of Pokemons or just generate your team randomly and then fight against thousands of online players or your friends.

In Pokemon Showdown you can jump into any battle right away with no preparations! Just make your team or generate it randomly and you’re good to go. Even if you die – we mean all your team members die – you don’t have to wait sometime for them to rest and gain strength. You can start a new battle right away. Is that an advantage? You tell us! So if you love Pokemons and you love RPG-based battles, then this game is for you.


One of the oldest online strategy games you can play on your browser and with your friends. It is not a game for minutes but maybe days, months and years of fun! Strategy games including online ones like Travian are in general for an audience who have enough time to spend to learn the basics of the game and plan for a long-achieved victory that comes through cunning diplomacy, trade, and conquest. If you play games to kill time, Travian is not for you!

In Travian, you can join one of these tribes: Teutons, Romans, and Gauls. Each of these tribes are good at something. Gauls are crafty, Romans are tough, and Teutons are warmongering if you like it! Just like other strategy games, in this game, you also plan raids and use the resources you’ve plundered to grow your army and your empire. You can also play against your friends or ally with them, that’s your choice! Everyone is free to join the world of Travian.

War Brokers

If you like online first-person shooters like PUBG or Fortnite and you still like to play on your browser, then War Brokers could be one of your best options. Before anything else, let’s tell you that the game includes a Battle Royale mode very much like the same mode in other online first-person shooters in which you can make a team with your friends and battle online with the other teams. The game also has a death match mode where you should fight until anyone else is dead!

War Brokers also has some missions to complete like, for instance, a mission in which you should stop enemy missiles from launching. If you’re looking for an action multiplayer browser game to play with friends, then War Brokers is for you, because not only it has almost all the features a standard online first-person shooter should have but also it can run on your browser. And by the way, you have access to tons of guns and pistols in this game, just like many other games in this genre, though you have only a pistol and rifle at the start of the game to defend yourself with. Also there are tanks and helicopters all around the map you can use. You see! It has all it should have as an online

Town of Salem

We cannot really say what genre this game is! It is indeed strategy, but not in the sense you are familiar with; we mean there are no bases to build, armies to grow, or empires to expand. The only weapon you have in this online strategy game is your cunning and intelligence. You choose a role and depending on your role you have special abilities by which you can stop other players.

In fact, there are two big groups in the game: The Townsmen and the Mafia. The Townsmen are the good ones and the Mafia the bad. If you are a Townsman you should avoid getting killed and gather enough evidence to bring down the Mafia, and if you’re Mafia, then you should try to kill the Townsmen without being detected. Of course, there are other single roles in the game like Serial Killer, Executioner and Doctor that don’t belong specifically to the team of good guys (Townsmen) or bad guys (Mafia), but based on their actions they could contribute to the good or bad in the game.

As the developers of the game say, you should be a good liar if you want to win this game. They mean you should both lie in the way others believe you and detect who is actually lying! That’s a skill if you ask us! The game is designed for 7 to 15 players and with a total of 33 roles for players to assume – extended to 49 in the Coven expansion, it is indeed one of those top multiplayer browser games to play with friends.

Catan Universe

The classic board game, Catan Universe, comes to your web browser! It’s not only a board but also a strategy game you can play with your friends online and indeed on your browser. The story of the game is like this: You reach an uncharted island after a long voyage, but it’s not only you on this island, other settlers have also come and now the race begins for the control of the island. As the developers of the game say, Catan has a huge online community, so there are always players online to play with plus that you can play against or with your friends too. Indeed, it can be considered as one of those top strategy browser games with friends you can play, though it has been launched on other platforms too.

In Catan, There are also AI players; in other words, the game is a mixture of human and AI players. Which one do you prefer to rival and which one to ally with? The choice is yours! Also according to the game’s developers, a card game with Catan Universe theme named “Rivals for Catan” is included in the game which somehow is an introductory part to the main title and you can play against a human player. The game also features two expansion and two scenario packs, namely Cities and Knights and Seafarers, and Enchanted Land and The Great Canal respectively.

A really fun browser game to play with friends; you like drawing? This game is for you! But this is not simple drawing. Let’s call it competitive drawing; why? Because drawing in this game is a challenge and indeed an opportunity to get more points.

Ok, let’s be more clear about this game: You and a few other online players – could be your friends too – start a session together. Each session is composed of a few rounds and in each round one of the players starts to draw something on the board. The sooner you guess what is actually being drawn on the board the more points you get. At the end of the session, the player with more points is the winner. So simple, yet so challenging and fun.

AdventureQuest Worlds

Here is a big mmorpg browser game to play with friends: AdventureQuest Worlds. If you love online RPG games with lots of weapons, monsters, quests, and indeed pvp action, this game is for you. According to the game developers, the game has more than 35 million players all over the world, so there is always an online player to fight against if you are a pvp lover. However, you can also complete quests including monster-killing ones alongside other online players or your friends if they have an account in the game. AdventureQuest Worlds is a flash-based game, so all you need to play it is a web browser and a flash plugin installed on it.

And again according to the game developers, the game is updated every Friday with new weapons, quests, monsters, etc. In fact, the game developers, as they say, have kept a close look on the feedbacks they get from the game players for their future plans and updates to come. The game also features a main storyline and a few side ones you can complete with your friends and other online players. And what about the game playable characters? Tons of them are there in different classes you can choose and customize to your liking.

Dead Frontier

Another top MMORPG browser game to play with friends but with zombie team. Like many other zombie-themed RPG games you are trapped in a city infested by zombies alongside other survivors who are actually the other players. Your goal is to survive against hordes of zombies indeed with the help of other players. No one can stand this hell alone!

We have seen so many other zombie-themed RPG games already on smartphones, but Dead Frontier is one of the first of such games, if not actually the first, launched for web browsers. The game environment is very much like its counterparts on mobile: an abandoned city filled with zombies to fight against. The fun is that you can fight alongside your friends or other online players. The game also features a PVP section in which you can test your strength against other online players in real-time combat.

Tanki Online

If you’re looking for an online 3d war browser game to play with friends, then Tanki online is for you. Tank games, either epic or fun, have many fans all around the world, especially when they have several challenging modes that put you face to face against other players on the war field. And now, just imagine that you can have all of that plus 3d graphics on your browser without even needing to install a plugin – although the game can run on flash, it is also designed for HTML5 and therefore, if you’re using a HTML5-empowered browser, you don’t even need to install a flash plugin.

The game features Capture the Flag, Control Points, Death Match, and Team Death Match modes which could be played online. You could also create a clan with your friends and fight other clans online. The game provides you with access to new equipment and customization options based on the rank you have earned in it. You can also fight other players of your rank or near your rank.

Might and Magic: Heroes Online

And here is a browser-based game from the Might and Magic franchise: Might and Magic: Heroes Online. Don’t forget that Ubisoft is behind this game, so if you’re looking for a top RPG game with top graphics and a smart combat system, this game is for you. And you might wonder that this game has been specifically launched for web browsers, so don’t look for its mobile version!

The game is indeed an MMORPG meaning that you can play with other players online, but what has actually made this game a top MMORPG is its top graphics, stunning story, and the fact that it comes from Ubisoft! The game story is about the disappearance of the imperial ambassador, Albin, in the Dwarven lands. Emperor Duncan Falcon sends a hero to investigate the matter. The truth is that the ambassador was prisoned but escaped in an outbreak caused by another character named Yorath who is himself part of a greater conspiracy.

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